The Love/Hate Tag

July 31, 2015

Rules - 

The tagged blogger must share 20 things about them – 10 things they love and 10 things they hate, then nominate up to 10 bloggers to take part!
Thank you to Kimberley from 'The Colour Chronicles' blog who tagged me in her Love/Hate tag post a few weeks ago, you can check out her post here
And yes it has taken me a couple of weeks to write this post, it's harder than you think to name 10 things that you hate, this actually really surprised me. 
The main reason I wanted to write this post and be involved in this tag was so you as the reader can get to know me a little more. 

Anyway let's get to it ... 
10 things I Love ... Nice part first :-) 

1. Tattoos - I got my first tattoo at 18 it's a tiny star in the middle of my fore arm. From then to now I've got more tattoos, my most recent being this rope heart with traditional roses inside; done by Danity at Skin Kandi in St Helens! You can check out his tattoo work on Instagram here
2. Makeup - growing up I wasn't much of a girly girl however I always rocked black eyeliner and eyeshadows. Now I love buying new brands of makeup to try them out and I'm obsessed with eyeshadow palettes! 
3. Shopping - I love love love going shopping even when I'm skint I find a way to shop. Shopping makes me happy and can pick up anyone's bad mood. I guess shopping is what I do when I need cheering up. 
4. Chicken - is my favourite food! I love chicken nuggets, burgers, fillets, sandwiches anything with chicken except Mushrooms! (See hate tag number 2)
5. Iron Fist Clothing - my favourite clothing brand ever, I discovered Iron Fist when I was 16, brought my first IF top at 19 when I could afford it and the rests history! I've now got a good collection of IF items from tops to shoes to bags. 
6. Purple - simply my favourite colour. I'll always pick an item in purple over any other colour. Black would be my second choice. 
7. Download Festival - I've been to DL fest 3 times now and I've loved each one for different reasons. Yes I always enjoy the bands but there's always something brought back from DL that sticks with me, weather it be a joke, a memory or an item I brought! In 2012 my favourite band 'Theory of a Deadman' played on the Zippo stage, I got on the barrier, this is one of my favourite moments ever! 
8. Funkos - for anyone who doesn't know what I mean by Funko, they are a brand that makes Pop Vinyl Figures. I started collecting these figures last year and it's become a unhealthy obsession for my bank account. I also collect Batman Lego and Minifigures. 
9. Shoes - I'm a shoe border and I'm not afraid to say so! Shoes can change an outfit, make you feel amazing or just comfort you! They are like your best friend! 
10. Dean - I couldn't write down things I love without mentioning my boyfriend. We have been together for 5 years and he's always there for me! Soppy alert!! 
I feel like I could go on for days listing things I love but I've only got 10 slots! 
On to my hates ... This part of the post has taken me the longest. I really had to think about some of these. 
1. Velvet - I hate velvet fabric so much, it freaks me out touching it and if it gets wet and I touch it ewww. I just can't explain how much it freaks me out! 
2. Mushrooms - as mentioned in my love for chicken section, I hate mushrooms! I don't like that they are a fungus and people eat them and frankly they look funny. 
3. Bad customer service - probably something that everyone hates. I've worked in jobs that work closely with customers for over 8years and it's not hard to give good service and to not be rude so why some people find it so hard and still have a job it's beyond me. Mini rant there. 
4. Beer, Cider and Wine - yes I still drink alcohol occasionally but I've never liked the taste of beer, cider or wine or champagne for that matter. I'll stick to the spirits thank you. Throw me some Tia Miara :-p 
5. Germs - I'm a bit of a hand sanitiser freak and hate that my hands could be dirty if I don't put it on or wash my hands. 
6. I can't drive - I'm learning to drive and my test is booked but it's so annoying that I'm 25 and can't drive yet whilst everyone else is driving. Little personal annoyance here I think. 
7. Bad packaging - when I order something I expect it to be posted securely. I've had many parcels arrived trashed from either a postal company's handling or from bad packaging. Sort it out people. 
8. Mornings - I'm definitely not a morning person. I stay up late and I'm more productive in the late hours. And we all like a good lie in :-) 
9. Drunken women - I work behind a bar and drunken people in general can be really annoying but women are the worst. Stop giving us a bad name and stop making fools of yourselves. 
10. Itchy feet - I do suffer from dry skin on my feet. I use all sorts of creams and scrubs, even when my feet are in good condition they are still itchy!! It gets very annoying!! 
So there you go, I hope this post has shown you a bit more about me and my likes/dislikes. I'm actually quite nervous to publish this. 
I tag ...
- Yasmin at The Sweet Seven Five 
- Laura at Laura Hadley
- Laura at Off the hanger etc
- Sam at Sammi Loobas
Thanks again to Kimberley at The Colour Chronicles 

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  1. I love Download and Iron Fist too! I have a gorgeous Iron Fist purse and I love it, have had a few items of clothing over the past years :)

    1. Thanks for commenting! My IF shoe collection is getting out of hand oops, Ive loved that IF have had a stall at DL the past 2 years too!

  2. I loved your comment on customer service, having worked in retail for over 10 years I know it's not that hard to smile and just be helpful to customers.

    Only been to my first Download this year and loved it!!! Hoping to go back some year x

    1. Every job I've had has involved customer service and no it's not hard to smile and be helpful so it's so frustrating when that's not done, glad you agree.

      Good to hear you loved Download Fest, it's my favourite festival! Hoping to make it next year!