The Blogs been quiet, here's why...

June 23, 2015

Hey Readers,

Over the last month I've finished university, been to a festival, been learning to drive and working as much as possible, which has impacted on me not being able to post. Ive had some drafts wrote but never had time to finish them. Sorry guys!

Well as I've just said university is over until a re-sit in the summer (bore), I had an epic weekend at Download Festival and my driving test is next month so things are calming down. My plan is to finish the unpublished posts and write some new posts too, shopping is still a big hobby of mine so there's much to talk about and review.

As well as being quiet with publishing posts, I've also been thinking about my blog and where I'd like to take it. So far I've wrote about shopping, beauty, events and other things but I want to direct my  blog to a theme or collection of related subjects. I feel I would concentrate on the posts more and make my photography and writing better quality, making overall better reading and content.

I wanted to publish this quick post to update everyone on where I'm at and whats going on, although this time could of been used to finished over posts so I'll get straight on them now :)


PS I've been active on Instagram whilst the blogs been quiet so check out my Insta on zombiesdonteatketchup or click the ketchup bottle image on the homepage.

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