MUA Make Up Haul

May 13, 2015

MUA Make Up has become one of my favourite brands to use, they've got everything you need at cheap prices. I started buying MUA last year when I first brought a Matte Lipstick. MUA's Velvet Lip Laquar's are just £3.00 and are on parr with expensive brands!

At Manchester Arndale's Student Night In I purchased 3 MUA items from Superdrug on the 3 for 2 offer they have running in store.

MUA felt liner in Black £3.00 
MUA Blusher in shade Cupcake £1.00
MUA Pressed Powder in Shade-2 £1.00 

First of all the felt liner is amazing, its long lasting and goes on smoothly with little effort. This has now become a new favourite of mine and is cheaper than my usual eye liner.
I brought the blusher since I only own 1 other blusher, which is a No7 Pink Blush which my Mum brought me, I wanted another shade to mix up my make up for days and nights out. At a pound these little blushers are great, they are just the right shape to sweep your brush over to apply as well. Fits into your handbag make up nicely as well. 
Usually I wear a Rimmel bronzer either over my foundation or just straight onto my face but I wanted a powder that wasn't bronzed so I brought this shade to compliment my skin tone and it works well with or without foundation just like my bronzer. It gives a more natural and simple look towards when I use the bronzer which puts a bronze onto my skin.
I was really pleased with all 3 of these products so I made a small order from the MUA Website, I received an email about the Spring Sale they had running so took advantage of the sale. 
This was my first time ordering from MUA online as I usually buy from Superdrug stores, with it being my first order I received 10% off including all my sale items which made this experience a little more exciting, who doesn't love getting a bargain. 
Heres what I brought...

Eyeshadow Palette's in 
- Starry Night £2.00 
- Twelfth Night £3.00
- Glamour Days £2.00
Lip Barm in shade Cherry Bomb £1.50
Lip Stick in shade Raven £1.00
Small Eyeshadow Brush £1.50

MUA's eyeshadow palettes are great, they create the palettes in themes and compliment each shade in the palette with another colour. Ive already got 2 or 3 other palettes so I know that they are easy to apply, they stay on thought-out the day and wipe off easily at night. I use the MUA eyeshadow primer to help the colours pop and last longer too. I now have so many choices when it comes to which colour to wear, I can match it up with my outfit most days. 

Buying a black lipstick isn't what everyone would do and not normally me either, however I have some outfits that are in the grunge trend and black lipstick goes so well with them. At a pound you can't complain even if you only wear it a few times and its always handy to have for those Halloween costumes.

The lip balm is very colourful, when I've brought balms with tints before the colour hasn't been so strong and soon soaks into the lips but this Cherry Bomb balm is very bold and is a lovely summer shade. If you don't fancy lip stick one day, wearing a MUA balm is easy to apply and has colour, would be good for those days you hit the snooze button too many times.

Delivery was complaint free, the package was delivered by UPS and was tracked so I knew when it would arrive. The order was packaged well with bubblewrap around each item then in a small box so not much movement could be made, meaning the make up was very well protected.
Delivery time was a few days and I had email updates along the way, keeping me informed where my order was up too.
Very impressed with the service from MUA and I was able to pay though PayPal which is always good, I will defiantly be ordering again. 

Since I hadn't published this post yet I've decided to add my small buys from today as well. MUA is in its 5th year of business so they have released a eyeshadow palette to celebrate the occasion, which if you spend £8.00 or over on MUA in Superdrug you get the palette free.

Todays Buys

Matte black eyeliner - £2.00
PowerBrow in Dark Brown - £3.00
Lip Lacquer in shade Atomic - £3.00
5th Birthday eyeshadow palette - Free (usually £4.00)

As I've already said that MUA's Lip Lacquer's are on parr with more expensive brands, I already got 3 in shades; Dare, Kooky and Reckless. Adding this colour to my make up bag was a bold move from me, its a orangey shade and very bright, so I'm hoping I can pull it off.

MUA send me marketing emails since I made an online order and I'd received one about 2 new eyeliners in Matte and Wet Look, both black in colour. I'm loving all the matte make up so brought the Matte Black liner to try out.

Although I didn't need new brow make up I obviously wanted to spend £8.00 to get my free palette, I haven't tried MUA's PowerBrow before but have a similar product in a different brand.

From these small hauls I do have some favourites, the Felt Liner, Lip Lacquer and Cherry Bomb Balm are my top 3 products. The liner and balm surprised me and the lip lacquer is already a top player in my make up bag.

Guess I'm a massive MUA make up fan and at the cheap prices I will be staying that way!


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