Oh no! It's been 2 months!

April 09, 2015

Hey Guys,

Well it was the end of January when I last posted -slaps hand-

Let me catch up with you guys - I went back to uni in January and it was as horrible as normal but I've had loads more work to do in the last few months. Not to go into much detail but I've been struggling with all the academic writing at uni so that's put a lot of pressure on me and taken a lot of time up.

However in February it was my birthday so I went out for drinks as you do then later that month I applied for a managers job at my work and in March had an interview for it.
March is also a major busy month for me because nearly everyone in my family has a birthday plus its mothers day as well pfft!

So its now April, I'm powering though the last haul of uni work and my final deadlines are coming in fast!!! After having thoughts of quitting I've managed to get some extra help and get going with all my work.
I'm currently applying for graduate jobs and internships to gain some experience in the industry which will add to my current work skills.

The blog I've been working on over the last couple of days, I've added tabs/pages so my posts can be categorised, I've had a play around with layouts, decided to keep it simple and now thanks to the boyfriend my Instagram is linked to my blog, so when you click my logo image it takes you to my Instagram page - win!

Just a quick catch up, I've got some posts lined up that I'm working on, things may still be a little slow until the end of term but I'll get some posts published - I promise!


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