My First DollsKill Order!

January 29, 2015

I made my first order from and it was an epic experience!!

First of all they had a crazy ass sale, secondly they had a bag ive had my eye on for ages reduced and thirdly postage to UK was only $10.00!! 

Image taken from

I'm guessing the bag isn't to everyone's taste but I think it's amazingly trashy, in a good way!! 

I paid around £22.00 including postage for the bag and I didn't get any custom charges on delivery! 

The packaging of the bag was absolutely brilliant, the package was massive because it was well protected, mail bag-tissue paper-shredded paper-box-plastic bag-dust bag then finally my bag! I can't rate the packaging enough, big up to DollsKill!! 

Here's some images of the bag when I received it ... 


Unicorn Crappy Meal Bag 

Close up 

I will be shopping on DollsKill more often! 

Ketchup PS il keep my Zombie brains in here! 

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