January Sales Shopping

January 25, 2015

January sales, what an exciting time!! I've got christmas money to spend!!

As you can see from my previous post about Boxing day sales I haven't purchased much in the sales... Yet!

I went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester which obversely was mega busy the week after Christmas, I did have a few shops in mind that I wanted to go in, one being Selfridges. Selfridges is usually a too expensive for my student lifestyle however when the sales on, I can shop and shop I did! I found a Marc by Marc Jacobs phone case reduced from £40.00 to £10.00 to start with then I noticed they had a bargain bin on the till with items in it from Marc Jacobs, Ted Baker, Michael Koors and McQueen! OMG McQueen I shouted when I found a skull ring!! The ring was in the bargain bin because the metal had tarnished underneath which was very disappointing but it was a £120.00 ring reduced to £20.00! The skulls and the top of the ring was fine and had all the Swarovoaki crystals in the eyes, it's also still in stock in store (full price). 
Also in the bargain bin I found Marc Jacobs bracelet reduced from £30.00 to just 50p! The packaging said that the bracelet was broken but i couldn't find any fault with it. I think I came away from Selfridges with some great bargains but I still didn't get a glossy bag. :-( 
I went to the Cath Kidston concession whilst in Selfridges too. I brought a case with my favourite print on it 'Stop Thief' for just £4.00. My sister had given me a purse with the same print on earlier that day and brought me the pencils for christmas so I do really like the print! 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Phone case £10
McQueen Skull Ring £20.00 
Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet 50p
Cath Kidston Stop Theif Print items 

Superdrug was another store I'd planned to go in as Models Own had a special offer on that if you brought 2 items you got a free gift. The free gift was a smokey eye kit including a eyelash curler, trio of eyeshadows, eyeliner and a mascara. I thought this was quite good for only buying 2 items, Models Own polishes are usually around £4.99. I brought the nail polish corrector pen and my mum brought a Hyper Gel Pastel Pink Polish, I also had £1.00 on my Superdrug Beauty Card so the corrector pen plus gift only cost me £4.00. 

The Trafford Centre has a Victorias Secret store who have amazing sales with most items half price or less! Last time they had a sale I brought a Lingerie set (Bra+Panties as they call them) for £22.00 which should of been £58.00! I went into store expecting good things, I did come out with another set costing me £18.00 instead of £40.00 and this time they gave me a glossy bag instead of a sales bag. 

Thats everything from my busy Trafford Centre trip, on the Friday of the same week I went into Manchester with the boyfriend (Dean) since it was payday for me! Manchester proved to be great for January bargains too. 

Forbidden Planet was our first stop as usual, I did buy 2 new Funko Pops figures, one being an exclusive and Dean brought a Funko as well. Primark did have a sale on a lot of items but I ended up just buying tea towels, a hand towel and a clothing hanger with a pug on it, not the most exciting purchases from Primark. 

 Funko Pop Vinyl Figures £9.99-£14.99 

Pug hanger £1.00
Boots in the Arndale Centre had loads of gift sets left at half price including the Soap and Glory Set I wanted on Boxing day, I brought it anyway as I'll always use the items, probably last me ages now! 

Soapremes Set £10.00 

The Dr Martens Shop was very tempting, I was looking at some reduced brogue shoes and also a sachal bag but I walked out empty handed! I quite glad I didn't purchase anything though because when I went into Selfridges I found a pair of Dr Martens with a Liberty of London archived William Morris print on them for just £39.00 reduced from £97.00! One pair left, my size, fitted well and I had £40.00 in Christmas left over, couldn't of been better! Well it was because I got a glossy Selfridges bag too!! So chuffed! 

Close up of print on boots 

Here's to more successful shopping!! 

Ketchup PS shopping is my cardio training for the Zombie apocalypse! 

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