Boxing Day Sales

January 08, 2015

Boxing day sales is a favourite part of the Christmas holidays for me, even after Boxing day I usually go shopping a few times until the Christmas money has ran out anyway!

This year I had planned to take a trip to Boots on Boxing day as there was some Soap and Glory goodies I had my eye on, I had also saved up just over £10.00 on my Boots Advantage card. The Soap and Glory set was originally £20.00 so I knew it would be half price after Christmas meaning I could use my points to buy the set. I'd googled what time the stores close by to me opened, the closest store at Robin Park Wigan was open from 8AM! I didn't fancy getting up so early so I checked the Grand Arcade Wigan and that opened at 10.30AM, much better for me. I got to the store just before 10.30, there was a crowd of people waiting outside, joining the group; I was expecting mad rushes as the stutters opened but most people was civilised. This store is smaller than most so they didn't have lots to choose from and they didn't have the Soap and Glory set I'd had my eye on. However just by chance I found the next set down lonely on a shelf, this set was priced at £9.00 in the sale but the packaging had been open so I got the very helpful sales assistant to check everything was in the set. Lucky for me everything was still there! I also purchased a small Soap and Glory bauble which contained a lip balm for £2.50 and a Nando's sauce and salt set for £6.25.

Most of the shops in Wigan was also open on Boxing day so I had a look around, BHS was very disappointing as they had only reduced a lot of items by a few pounds unlike most other shops, which was doing half price sales. Debenhams had some good items in but I didn't purchase anything, Topshop was my next stop as I'd been given a £5.00 gift card for Christmas from a friend. I found a Tee and Cake T-shirt with a dinosaur on it reduced to £10.00 and some Where's Wally underwear for £2.00 so with student discount and the gift card it only cost me £5.80.

This doesn't seem like a big shopping haul for me but I mainly went to go in Boots and get S&G goodies which I did so Boxing day was still a successful shopping trip for me this year.

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Ketchup PS Put a Zombie in a box and run! -top tip-

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