Let's catch up...

November 25, 2014

Hey Guys!

It's been too long since my last post so I thought I'd post a catch up. 

The last few weeks have involved very exciting times, good times, stressful times and crappy times! 

I'll start of good.. Halloween! Best night of my life!! I had tickets to go to the Black Stone Cherry Gig at the Phones 4u arena  in Manchester. I brought the tickets in April on release day because Theory of a Deadman was supporting them (my favourite band). At this point I hadn't listened to much BSC but after seeing them play at Download I was a big fan! Anyway they gig was amazing and .... wait for it ... I met Theory!! The whole band and they signed a record I took with me, spoke to me, shook my hand and got a photo with me! I then had a break down, most excited I've ever been and there was so many emotions going on! 
Check the pic out you will see haha. 

Bonfire night was also good as I was at another gig seeing Geward Way, at the Ritz in Manchester. I also brought these tickets on release day and it was a sold out show. However the crowd of emo teenagers who was very inconsiderate made it the worst crowd is been in and I retreated to the bar area and watched from afar, but I did also get to meet Geward after the show! So it was a great night and week! 

That same week I actually went out, drinking!! It was my friends 21st so we had organised a night in town. We had a good night, bar crawled around town, had shots and cocktails, danced and then had a chicken burger on way home! I didn't get drunk either! Overall good night out with my new hair cut too. 

So I suppose they was the highlights of the past few weeks! The crappy parts have been university! I am finding it really hard especially with the academic writing and lecturers using daft words instead of normal words, it's all getting way too much now! I have had a good think about it and I will stick the course out and do my best at it! Just got to keep the postitive thoughts flowing! ✌️

Another point as to why I have been quiet on the blog is I haven't had much to blog about, I've been Christmas shopping but not really shopping for myself, except today so expect a mash up haul post coming up! 

All caught up now guys, what's everyone else been up to?? 

Ketchup PS Christmas shopper zombies have hit the streets! 

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