ASOS order finally arrived!!

November 03, 2014

Hey guys :-)

My ASOS order is here!! Yay! First part arrived on time a week before last but the second part was a it problematic ... 

My order was for two pairs of shoes out of the sale of course. First pair being some YRUs which is a brand I love and the second pair was an ASOS own chunky heel boot, they reminded me of some Unif boots I saw online. 

YRU (Youth Rises Up) brand is a favourite of mine since I brought some Cute to the Core trainers earlier in the year. This is my first pair of YRUs and I was excited to see what the shoe boxes looked like. When they arrived I was quite impressed with the box as it didn't have a lid like a conventional shoe box but instead there was a hole in the side of the box that you pulled and the box slid out. The top of the box had YRU printed in gold and the rest of the box was black, very neat and stylish. 
Anyway the shoes... Well there amazing, black slip on shoes with embroidery on the uppers. The embroidery is of bones (foot bones) so it's like skeleton feet. YRU Lavish Bones flat shoes was reduced to £18.00 (original price was £48.00), I knew to get a bigger size as my CTTCs are on the smallish side. They are comfy as hell and look great, only downfall is the bottoms have velvet on them and I hate velvet!! 

The second pair of shoes was some ASOS's own brand chunky heel boots called Enemy boots. I ordered these with the YRUs and paid £22.00 (original price £68.00). I got an email to say that my order would be shipped in two parts but I never received these boots even days after my YRUs arrived, so I emailed ASOS, they replied with an apology, an explaintion and a 10% voucher code. They informed me that there had been a mix up with stock levels so they had now refunded me and sent a voucher code as a sorry. After this I went online and looked at the boots again and noticed they had size 7 and 8 in stock, well the web page said so, I reordered the boots and used the voucher code making the boots only £19.80. I was a bit concerned the boots wouldn't turn up again but 5 days after ordering I had a dispatch email and they was here 2 days after that so can't complain really. 

The boots are gorgeous, comfy, grunge style and black just what I wanted! As I said above these boots reminded me of an Unif pair I'd seen on Instagram which of course I couldn't get hold of in the UK or afford for that matter so these are a close second. 

I am super chuffed with both pairs of shoes but was a bit disappointed with the service from ASOS and the delivery company however it hasn't put me off ordering from them again and in the end I got the boots cheaper so guess that's a win! 

Ketchup PS il crush some Zombie heads in my Enemy boots!! 

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