Urban Outfitters - End of season sale order

October 26, 2014

In my last Topshop post I told you guys that I had done a couple of online sale orders one being from Urban Outfitters. Part of the order arrived this morning, yes just part of the order, pfft. I only ordered 2 items all together and I paid for them in one transaction so I expected them to be delivered together, however I received 2 dispatch e-mails stating 2 tracking numbers, one of which isn't found on Royal Mails website when I try to track it. 

Part 1 of the order I received this morning I was able to track from 24 hours after receiving the e-mail and I even got a e-mail from royal mail to say they was delivering it today so why the other tracking number isn't found I have no idea and quite frankly its annoying me! Like when will the order come, will it arrive, who will be delivering it?? I have e-mailed UO and they replied saying I have the correct tracking information and I have to give it time to show up on the tracking system, anyhow onto the item. Rant over. 

Item 1 was a UNIF Dress I've had my eye on for months now! Very exciting! I first saw this dress which is called the 'Mid Stray Dress' on the American UNIF website and on Dolls Kill website. I loved it straight away but couldn't purchase it in the UK yet and being priced at £105.00 I also couldn't afford it. Urban Outfitters in Manchester got the dress in a couple of months ago, it was on display in the window teasing me every time I walked past. UO end of season sale was on in store and online this week and the dress had gone from the window, I checked in store and couldn't find the dress so just thought they had sold out. Same night I came home and was tooting online at the sale items and spotted that the dress was in the sale for £50 but they only had sizes XS, S and M. Well damn it they won't fit me, anything in UO I would usually get a L or XL (sizes are quite small in UO).  The next day I checked in the Manchester store again, this time asking a member of staff who was very helpful, she showed me where the dressed had been in the sale then told me to check the 1st floor sale section (little wardrobe room in M'cr store full of sale items). I found the dress!!! In a size S!!! Oh NO! 

I knew the dresses was styled in an over-sized style so I decided to try the S on and see if a M would fit, luckily the dress was only tight around my chest (big boob problems) so I rushed home and ordered the dress in a size M. I was quite chuffed getting a smaller size but I was still a little concerned it wouldn't fit when it arrived.
I tried the dress on when it arrived this morning and to my surprise and luck it fits!! Me in a M, excellent!! I'm going to wear the dress on a night out I've got planned with friends on the 7th November! 
I'm thinking of doing an OOTD post as the shoes I've orders from ASOS will be going with the dress! 

I suppose anyone buying anything over-sized or a brand they haven't had before should try on even if you don't think it will fit, I basically just took a chance because I wanted the dress so badly but it was worth it in the end. 

Price wise as at £50.00 for a £105.00 dress is great but I also got student discount (10%) on the whole order so I only paid £45.00 for the dress saving £60.00! Bargain! 

Image taken from www.dollskill.com 

The second part of my order is a Pins and Needles Destroy Slouchy Cardigan, I saw this in store when I went to try on the UNIF dress. It caught my eye as it was a black cardigan but it was purposely ripped and had holes in it, guess you could say "destroyed'. Anyway it looked very grungey and dark which is the style I go for. In store they had XS, S and M, Medium again fitted fine as the cardigan was styled over-sized but online the had Large in stock so I ordered a large so it would look over-sized on me too! Originally this was priced at £48.00, in the sale at £25.00 but again with student discount it worked out at £22.50. Quite a lot to spend on a cardigan especially for me but it's good quality and has been more expensive so sometimes it's ok to treat myself :-)
Since I started to write this post earlier in the week I have now received the cardigan as well, I'm quite glad because as I said earlier the tracking number wasn't found on Royal Mail's website, I was getting worried! 
Personally I think this cardigan would be great styled with the UNIF dress as they both have a grungey style to them! 

Image taken from http://www.urbanoutfitters.com 

These are still in stock on the UO site however the UNIF drew has sold out. 

UO is quite expensive for me so whenever they have a sale on I take advantage, they put great discounts on items i couldn't usually afford! The sale is still on online so go see what bargains you can pick up and don't forget student discount works on sale items too! 

Ketchup PS Zombies love a bit of grunge! 

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