Shopping Haul - 27th October 2014

October 29, 2014

Hey People!

Today I went out for the day with my Mum, Sister and Nephew. We went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester, there's a bus which runs from Wigan so it's quite easy for us to get there even without a car, £4.00 return too. 
Half term and the Trafford don't mix all too well, busy busy busy!! Anyway I was able to have a fairly good look around. 

One of the best things about going to the Trafford Centre is going in Selfridges and they have a Primark in the there. Yes I know Primark and Selfridges are on two different levels but the experience in Selfridges is a lot better. The visual merchandising is way better than any Primark store I've seen, they just have the on trend items which are also laid out in colour and trend sections. 
Speaking of on trend items I found a coat and it's Black (been looking for a black coat for weeks now), you know the over-sized woolly type coats that everyone is wearing now, usually people have pastel or neon colours in them, I'd never seen them in black until now. I tried it on and my size was way too big, so I've bagged a size 14!! Winning! Also luckily I had my tartan scarf with me (also from Primark £5.00) so the coat looked great with the scarf and that made me buy it more. Priced at £25.00 and as it was in Selfridges I got it put in a massive Selfridges yellow bag so I looked rich walking around for the rest of the day ha ha. Very happy with it over all, I'll be putting it on for uni tomorrow. 


We had a look around a few other shops in the Trafford; Debenhams, Topshop, Pandora and John Lewis but I didn't buy anything else. Getting on the 3 o'clock bus back to Wigan meant I had time to look in Topshop and Tk Maxx in town, very happy I did! 

I saw some rings in Topshop on my last visit but they was only reduced to £6.00 from £8.50 so I didn't bother, however today they had been reduced again to £4.00. I decided £4 was reasonable for 3 rings and with my student discount they was only £3.60. They still had all the make up brushes and tools reduced as well so I had another look in case I missed anything last week and I found a gel liner brush for a pound (original price £4.00). Mum also brought some ear rings that had been reduced to £2.00 I also got her discount on them. So I didn't do so bad in Topshop again this week :-) 


In Tk Maxx last week I'd seen a purse I liked, a Paul's Boutique one, which aren't usually my style but in some rare cases I like them. This purse was so pretty, it had a bright green leopard print flap where it fastened and inside loads of space, the only downfall it had was not many card holders. Last week I left the purse after telling myself I don't need another purse, but since then I've been thinking how much I wanted it, so today I went to see if they still had it in. I get to the purse section and I don't see it!! -crys- I even got on the floor as I saw some purses had fell off the shelf, as I looked under the shop fittings I saw a Paul's Boutique tag and got so excited to lift it out and it be a different purse! Well bummer I thought, I should of brought it last week. So I continue to look around the bags and see a PB iPad case so i was just curiously looking at that and BAM the purse was on a stand in all its glory!! Yay!! Picked it up quicker that anything. So that was being taken to the till, as I'm on my way there a Roxy laptop case catches my eye, I've been after a case for my laptop for a few weeks but had no luck. This case didn't have a size on it but looked about right and it was only £3.99 so I took that to the till along with the purse. I asked the till assistant if she had a tape measure to check the size of the case but she didn't and said I could bring it back if it wasn't right anyway. I got home and tried my laptop in the case and it fits, quite snug but fits. 


So after a long day of walking around a busy shopping centre, full of screaming kids and shops playing Christmas songs I had a successful shopping day! Spent more than I should but that's nothing new with me. 

I hope it's not just me that thinks it's wrong to be playing Christmas songs in October!! 

Ketchup PS zombies hate Christmas

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