Loot Crate October 2014 FEAR

October 26, 2014

Hey guys,

This month's Loot Crate arrived and I am super excited about this month's theme ... FEAR! Perfect for Halloween month. 

Recap on last month's crate well I didn't post about it as I wasn't very impressed with it but the theme was Galactic. Items that was in the box; best ones being a Funko Mystery Mini (Mal from Firefly exclusive) and a Star Trek Treble plush toy (exclusive also). Other items included Firefly bank robbery money, a Star Wars fridge magnet, Han Solo poster and the usual badge + magazine. Overall not the best crate for a Galactic theme I like Star Trek, Star Wars and now Firefly but I think the box could of included some better themed items, maybe Guardians of the Galaxy since the movie was out over summer (however we did get the Groot funko in Augusts crate). Just my opinion anyway, they can't please everyone every month, there's always going to be a theme or item that doesn't interest everyone that's the way it goes with subscription boxes. 

So... Octobers crate, theme being FEAR has made me so so excited, Halloween is my favourite time of year and anything horror based is a hit with me. 
We knew that this month had an exclusive t-shirt, a CAPCOM item and a Walking Dead exclusive comic.

My crate arrived with hardly any box damage and earlier than the expected date which was a big plus after the last 2 months have arrived days after everyone else. 
I open the crate and see the box design and it's so cool ...

Very very zombie themed!!! Loads of zombie related movies have been looked at the produce the box design I think. This is my favourite box design so far!! 

You can just see the t-shirt in the above image but probably can't quite make out what is on the print, well it's cats, cats and cats in the shape of a skull!! Wow! Well I love it. I also decided to change the size of my tee this month, I've been getting the men's XL and they have been a little big so I looked though the size chart and went for the 3XL women's, very glad I did, the fit is more flattering and fits in the right places. I'd recommend checking though the size chart like I did if your going to take out a subscription with Loot crate. 

After the t-shirt the next thing I see in the box is another box which at first glance looks blooded up or muddy, I picked it up and on the other side it said "Dead Rising 3" Loot Crate exclusive CAPCOM!!! It's the exclusive I was most excited for, opening the box I found what looked to be just a collectible item but I have recently been told it's actually a pen (although I can't figure out how to use it yet). If you have played the Dead Rising game you will get the theme of the pen straight away but for those of you that haven't played I'll explain. The game is a zombie killing game and some weapons and items that you find and pick up can be combined to make other weapons, usually a bit silly but awesome, so this pen is made up of weapons just like in the game. Personally it is a favourite item of mine as I am a big fan of the games. 


Next up is the 'Sharknado' item, I was sort of expecting a figure but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a book 'How to Survive a Sharknado and other unnatural disasters'. This is a fun read and a good item as I would have never brought this book but I am now glad that I own it. All round good and different item. 

Also in the box was some temporary tattoos in the form of bites and slashes, very unrealistic but great for Halloween. There was also some DLC content, I never use the DLC but for people that do its a great little extra. 


This month we was told that there would be an exclusive 'The Walking Dead' Comic book with a variant cover. This was one of the last items I lifted out the box (due to it being on the bottom) and it looks amazing. The comic came bagged and boarded so I am not wanting to actually open it but I have been told from friends that the content is as epic as the cover! 
As another little extra there was a 'Walking Dead' postcard in the box which had Daryl and Merle Dixon on it in cartoon form. This also came bagged and boarded. 

Every month there is a badge with the theme name and image on it, this month of course featuring zombies and sometimes sweets are included, toxic waste sweets went well with this months theme. Although I hated these sweets as a kid, very sour! 

The monthly magazine was very exciting this month, a pair of 3D glasses was put in the box, at 1st I couldn't figure out why or if there was a reason for them but when I looked at the magazine I realised that the cover was in 3D. You need the glasses to make the image 3D and there is also a page inside the mag that's 3D too. Check it out! 

I also wanted to show you the inside of the box once it was empty, for the past 3 months Loot Crate have been adding themed boxes into the mix and its a great idea! Out of the 4 I've had this is my favourite more so because it's zombie related but I think its a great setup, I love how the Loot Crate Hash tag is incorporated into the design. Good Work Loot Crate!! 

Lastly an item I've been hoping was in this months box, my very own LOOT CRATE Official Member card!! I had read about these last month when some people received theirs, I did some further reading and found that Loot Crate usually send them after your 3rd box so with this being my 4th box it makes sense that it was in there! This little extra that Loot Crate does for its subs is great!! 

Overall this months crate is EPIC! Enough said really but with the amount of items, exclusives and the theme its a big hit for me!! I will be staying subscribed defiantly. 

Did you get Loot Crate this month? What did you think? 

Ketchup PS Zombie Looters beware!! 

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