New Funko Pop's have arrived!!!!

September 29, 2014

Since my previous post about my Funko Pop collection I have gained a few more and some exclusives as well, none of which are my pre-orders with you already know about.

First up I was in Manchester a couple of weeks ago and of course I had to go into Forbidden Planet, I had sold some items on eBay the previous weekend so I had £30.00 to spare and its a good job I did as the 1st thing I saw walking down the Funko aisle was San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Breaking Bad pop's!!! Oh my gawd...... they had beaten up Jesse Pinkman and Yellow Suit Walter White which glows in the dark. I knew I could only buy 1 and fell for Jesse when I watched the series so i went ahead and brought Jesse at £14.99 which I think is a good price for a SDCC exclusive. I was stood checking all the boxes for imperfections and even the paint jobs to make sure I choose the best one they had, I'd say there was around 10 in stock at this time.

A week later it (week just gone) was student finance week YAY!! Well as soon as it went in I was straight to Forbidden Planet to check if they still had Walter White still in stock. I got to the shop and luckily they did still have 3 Walter's in but there was a problem... 2 of the boxes had big issues one was ripped at one of the bottom corners and another was dented in the front of the plastic then the 3rd pop had a really shitty paint job and his glasses was wonky. In the end I didn't buy any of these I didn't want to pay another £14.99 out to get a imperfect item. I was left disappointed really so carried on looking at the other pops and none was really taking my fancy, I checked though all the True Blood pops to see if they had Bill Crompton in but he seems to be out of stock everywhere at the min.  My friend then made a discovery for me and found a Headless Hershel from The Walking Dead which is also a SDCC exclusive and was priced the same as the Breaking Bad Pops. I haven't brought any of the Walking Dead pops because the collection is so large and I'd never be able to collect them all and would properly end up skint if I did, very skint but I was looking at getting the exclusives and this was my favourite so far, needless to say I purchased it!

I am currently in a group on Facebook that has discussions on Funko Pops and related items, one post had caught my eye because people was discussing the Unmasked Star Lord Exclusive pop which I need, not want, NEED! I have googled this Pop and eBayed it but all was very pricey at over £30.00 which I won't pay, well a shop from Scotland called Pop'd on FB commented on this certain post saying they had them in stock so i went over to there page and had a look, they was selling them for £14.99! I was like oh my this is a great deal so went ahead and asked what the postage cost would be, which I received a great reply to say the postage was included in the price, well the guy\gal got a reply from me basically saying 'shut up and take my money' haha. Within the next ten minutes I had paid though Paypal and they told me they would post out in the morning, the next day at around 1pm I got a message with photographs of the exact pop they was sending and packaging which was amazing (lots of bubble wrap!!). I received the pop 2 days after this in perfect condition and now I have a stickered Unmasked Star Lord to add to my GOTG Funko collection! (this one was most exciting).

(image of the perfect and amazing packaging)

Saturday came and I didn't have work so me and the boyfriend decided to take a trip to Liverpool, now I had seen people discussing buying Pop's in Liverpool from a shop called 'World's Apart' so i googled its location which was very handy and 2 minutes from Lime Street Station. First place we go straight from the train is this store, I walk in and the place is busy and full of people, whenever I go in FP in Manchester its a weekday and usually pretty quiet. Next I see a full aisle of Funko Pops and they also had a few exclusives in stock including a perfect condition SDCC Walter White glow in the dark pop, well great I thought even better when I looked and it was the same price as FP (£14.99) Winning!! The boyfriend brought Back to the Future Doc Pop to add to his Marty pop with car, this was priced at £9.99 as it is just a standard Pop.

Next place in Liverpool was to find the Forbidden Planet that they have in town, I knew it was somewhere on Bold Street so we just started at the bottom and walked up until we found it. This FP isn't the same as the FP in Manchester I think Manchester is a FP international and Liverpool is just a FP (correct me if I'm wrong). The store was small and didn't look fully stocked to me but i found the Funkos and started searching and found WOLVERINE!!! I have searched eBay for Wolverine a few times but didn't find a good price so to find it in a store priced at £9.99 I was very happy! (earlier in Worlds Apart store I had also found a Wolverine pop but it had a really really shitty paint job and the blue paint was all over the arm where it shouldn't of been so finding it in FP made up for that).

Lastly I just had word from Funky Figures in Wigan that my Pre-order of Rocket Raccoon has been delivered so I will be picking that up on Wednesday. I technically now have a full set of GOTG Pops until Dancing Groot is released and delivered anyway. (there is speculation that on the back of the Dancing Groot pop there is more GOTG characters to collect but no one knows yet).

Anyway that's my updated Funko Pop post, have you guys got any new pops??

Ketchup PS keep throwing those pops at Zombies!

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