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September 09, 2014

How may of you collect Funko Pops? Or know what Funko Pops are? If you don't worry but just be warned once you know about the awesomeness of these little vinyl figures I can't be held responsible for your going out and buying ten or more. OK so your not going to hold me responsible, right?

Funko Pop vinyl figures are collectible figures that come in all designs from TV Shows to Disney to Games, there is a Pop collection for you. I knew about Pops quite a while ago from going to Conventions and searching online but all of a sudden Pop popularity has taken over the world especially in the UK and USA. I started collecting Pops this year and here's a bit about my collection. 

My collection started with the Supernatural set which at the minute has Sam, Dean and Castiel in it so to start with a smaller set was good for me and I love Supernatural (I am eagerly awaiting season 10 - roll on October 7th). First one I brought was Dean as he is my favourite I purchased him from Forbidden Planet in Manchester at £9.99, if they had had Castiel in stock I would of most probably brought him too. However I managed to spot that Funky Figures in Wigan had some Castiel in stock a few days later so I sent my boyfriend in to get me one, Castiel was priced at £9.00. Most Funkos are priced at £9.00 in Funky Figures but the newer stock has been £10.00 as of late, still a very good price for the selection on offer. Lastly I found Sam at Manchester Comic Con in July by this time the shops I usually go to buy Funkos was out of stock, finding Sam was great and right then I had completed my first Funko set.

Last month 2 new Supernatural Funkos was announced to be released in October in the UK, these was Castiel with wings and Charlie. I have gone ahead and pre-ordered these from Forbidden Planet at £8.99 each and £3.00 posted. The pre-order system from FP is like any pre-order you only pay for the goods when they become available in stock. Expected stock date is 31st October for these Pops.

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The 2nd set I started to collect was the Guardians of the Galaxy set, after seeing the film the week after it was released at the cinema i was hooked on the characters, especially Groot. Day after my cinema date with GOTG I went straight to Funky Figures and purchased Groot at £9.00, I'm very happy I choose to get Groot first as he went out of stock nearly everywhere not long after along with Rocket Raccoon who I didn't buy in time and I'm still searching for.
I had it in my head that once I'd started a set collection that I would complete that set before starting another because if I didn't I'd probably go mad and end up with one from this set and one from another, this way of thinking has saved me money as well and made my collection which is growing manageable. 
Star Lord was next to be brought also from Funky Figures at £9.00, then Drax from FP at £9.99 then Gamora again from FF for £9.00 although the day I brought Gamora they had a 10% deal on anything in the shop, so she was £8.00. 
As I said earlier I am still searching and waiting for Rocket Raccoon and also the extra Star Lord which is an unmasked version which was an Amazon exclusive in America so is pretty rare to come by in the UK and when they do appear they are quite expensive. The search is on I suppose...

You will have seen my Loot Crate post where I received a Loot Crate exclusive Groot Pop which glows in the dark so this has been added to my set, I also have the new Dancing Groot on pre-order which I think is due in October.

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There are so many new sets being released that I just don't have the money to have them all, I wish I had ha ha. The next sets I want are the Breaking Bad set (10 pops), True Blood set (6 pops), American Horror Story (6 pops) and just this week announced 2 of the X-Men set (2 out of 6 pops) and Batman Arkham Asylum (5 pops). I am choosing to only get my 2 favourites from the X-Men set as the costumes aren't as ape align to me as they are based on the cartoon and not the films. I've chosen to pre-order Professor X and Magneto. I have also pre ordered Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from the Arkham Asylum set due in November. 

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As I have just said I am wanting to collect the True Blood Pops. True Blood has just finished it's last season and I am gutted, I'm thinking I will collect these to remind me of the 7 awesome seasons.
Since I am still searching for Rocket Raccoon to finish my GOTG set I decided i couldn't wait any longer and went ahead and brought Eric Northman (£10.00). This was sort of an implies buy i was just having a look in FF and saw they had the True Blood Pops in stock (all apart from Bill Crompton). Eric was one of the 1st I wanted to get so I was happy to get him first.
Who will I get next ...?

I am currently writing a post about a competition win I had just last week in which I won a Jack Skellington Pop. I did have a few thoughts about getting the NBC Pops but not enough thought to make me go out and buy them, well at least not yet ha ha. I am super happy with the Pop and I may just get Sally so he has some company :-p

In my house there's not just me that has a small growing collection of Funko Pop's my boyfriend Dean started to get a few, although all of his except for the Back to the Future Car are from subscription boxes which he receives on a monthly basis. 

Lastly here is a full collection image, I will be buying more Pops as you know I have some on Pre-order so its a defiant really. 

I'll keep you updated when new Pops arrive!
Show me your Funko Pop Collections!

Ketchup    PS throwing Pops at Zombies may help?

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