Who's Zombie's Don't Eat Ketchup???

August 17, 2014

So you want to know who Zombie's Don't Eat Ketchup is...?

Well Zombies Don't Eat Ketchup is firstly my Instagram name (come over and follow me), secondly my nickname is Ketchup and I'd kick Zombie ass so they wouldn't eat me and thirdly it's my fashion brand name.

My real name is Gem, I'm 24 and a fashion student. I am inspired by alternative brands in fashion like Iron Fist and Drop Dead, eventually I'd like my brand to be that popular. In September I start MMU studying the International Fashion Practise course, this is a top up year as I have just completed a Foundation degree in Fashion and Clothing.

I go to comic con conventions and collect nerdy things like comics, pop vinyls, Lego's and trading cards. I have recently subscribed to Lootcrate which is a monthly subscription box filled with geeky items.

My blog is hopefully going to be filled with posts about everything from fashion to comics to reviews.

As well as Instagram I am on Twitter at @5up3rk3tchup feel free to follow me.

Ketchup    PS - Don't get bitten :-p

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