Small Primark Shopping Haul - Manchester

August 26, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I brought a Student 16-25 Rail Card so it only costs me £2.80 to Manchester and back, so basically I'm abusing that and today I took another trip to Manchester.

I did have an intention of going to buy a boring black work shirt as my home Primark store didn't have my size in, but if you go to Manchester Primark you will come out with way more than you went in for, even if you went in for nothing. 

I always prepare myself before going into Primark as the Manchester store tends to get quite busy especially when there are lots of reduced sections, people go crazy however as I was quite early today so the store was reasonably quiet. 


I was straight over to the reduced section myself, there were dresses for £5.00 and £7.00 and long fashionable shirts for £5.00 also but none of this took my fancy. I decided to go and look at the new season stuff which included a huge amount of jumpers and cardigans. I found a long black knitted cardigan which I fell in love with straight away, I've been looking for a long grungy looking cardigan for a few weeks now so this was perfect and was a steal at only £10.00. Bargain!  

Earlier this month I had seen a coat over on the Primark's Facebook today I found it in store, happy days I thought until I tried it on! The mannequin modelled the coat in an over sized style with winter ankle boots and a long jumper, I only had to try the coat on once to see it didn't suit me as much as the mannequin. (I will probably get a 2nd opinion next time I'm in store though, always bring a friend eh). The coat is priced at £30.00.This is the image that was posted on Primark's Facebook page. >>>>>>>

After this small disappointment I started making my way towards the upstairs to pick up a work shirt at this point I pasted the jeans section. A pair of skinny blue jeans caught my eye, they had badges sewn all over them and a small turn up, I instantly had to have them but they wasn't in the sale and I never by jeans not in the sale especially from Primark hmmmm what to do I thought? Long story short they went in the basket and I brought the buggers at £15.00 because they look so good even just on the hanger. 

Eventually making my way up the stairs I picked up a boring black work shirt in my size (they only had 1 left) and I noticed they had changed the style of them, the shirts seem to be more fitted with how the new style had been sewn, I tried it on when I got home and it fits better than any of my older work shirts brought from Primark. £4.00 is definitely worth paying for one of these even though they are only for work.


Manchester's Primark has women's wear, shoes, underwear and pyjamas on the upper floor, the PJ section had a sale rack also meaning I had to look of course and I made a wonderful find. Star Wars Pyjama set for only £3.00!!!! Yes only £3.00! Darth Vader on the front with grey shorts they are perfect if I do say so myself.

Lastly I went down to the Men's section which is on the basement floor, I'd told the boyfriend I'd look for him some jeans. This was a disappointing move as they had no jeans in his size at all so I went to pay. On the way to the tills I spotted some reduced Batman slippers although they are men's I brought them for myself at only £3.00 I couldn't not. I love Batman! 

Today's Primark trip was a successful one but a expensive one for me in total I spent £35.00 and most of my items was full price which also isn't like me to buy (I like a good bargain) but I have some awesome new on trend and fashionable items to wear for the upcoming Fall season :-) 

Ketchup PS Primark is not a good place to be when the Zombies come! 

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